How 2 Get My Ex Back

Ok, am assuming you are reading this now because you are sad. You are low, almost in the brink of depression or desperation asking urself the how 2 get my ex back question. You want to get your ex back in your warm arms for good, not to slip again. Help is at hand with our step to step strategies and dirty but cool psychological tricks.

So don’t feel alone sitting there by yourself thinking the word has ended – no, it hasn’t because we have an enclave of information to help you get back your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you don’t want to move on and see other people or try and forget as everyone says but can’t do themselves, you in the right place as we will show you how 2 get your ex back in so many different ways, choose what feels right for YOU.

Let’s go thru a few basic steps; you must observe these as they are your foundations.

1. Give your ex a break. Ok, this is the most important but also the most painful step. You must stay away from your ex for at least four weeks, minimum three weeks; this will pay you huge dividends painful as it is. Most of us do the opposite, as just after losing our ex we, and when the emotions are raw and running high, you call your ex, you leave them messages as 10 out 10 at this stage your ex won’t pick up the phone, and you can testify to this yourself. We also send a barrage of text messages to them. At this time you can only manage to annoy your ex even more. So to recap, give your ex a breathing space of three to four weeks.

2. Pull yourself together. Don’t go down the route of wanting your ex and your friends to feel sorry for you. You don’t want your loved one to start feeling sorry for you, this way you will manage to look pathetic, and trust me you don’t want that. You want to be attractive. You want your ex to miss you and miss the attractiveness that pulled them to you in the first place.

3. Strut your stuff and socialise. This step is another huge one! There is nothing more attractive than a happy and social person. And your ex won’t be all secure to see you having a ball. You will pull your loved one back. So go out there and conquer the world. Also remember, your ex will expect you be miserable and they will get a system shock to see you strutting your stuff like you don’t care.

4. Boost your confidence. How 2 get my ex back you ask? CONFIDENCE! If there is one trait that makes people appear super attractive to others is confidence. You have to start believing in yourself. As the cliché goes, fake it until you make it. Exercise; working out will release endorphins in your body, the happy factor. This will help increase self belief and in turn your confidence and your x-factor will be boosted.

5. Make the contact. Your ex should contact you by the mid or end of third week. If they didn’t contact you at this point, do contact them on the fourth week. Main thing here is that you don’t appear desperate. Make sure you use the resources I am giving you below to make sure you don’t ruin all the good work you have done so far

6. Arrange to meet. Yes! It’s a date. Again be very careful here and follow the advice given in the resources below to the letter and you will not only get the answer for the question how 2 get my ex back, but you will know how to keep your relationship a strong and a happy one.


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